Be an Éclairee Éclair looks forward to people who can start and build their own little classrooms in their respective areas. As an éclairee you build you own classroom – look for kids, a place to teach, and then finally teach.

There is no formal procedure required for the same – all you need is a bunch of needy kids, some initiative and a place to teach (that may not necessarily be a room).

The éclair team provides you with curriculum and management guidance while you need to post updates about your éclair at our facebook group.

You may even call your classmates at your éclair as guest teachers who are given a pre specified topic to come and teach in the class.

You can order for éclair handbook by writing to – it’s a step-by-step guide on teaching the kids and getting them enrolled in regular schools.

Be an ambassador If you are not that passionate about teaching, you can help in getting support for kids and getting them enrolled. You will act as your local éclair ambassador and talk to principals of schools in local areas for enrollment of the kids. Also éclairing involves a complex process of convincing parents and interacting with the families of the kids – if you are outgoing and good at counseling, you can be a very vital help.

Éclair also plans to go to regular schools and make presentations to students to éclair as part of their holidays homework and summer assignment – which is voluntary, of course. The process involves committed and eloquent volunteers who can inspire students to don the role of teachers and start eclairing. You will need to contact us for this job and this will require prior training.

Be a donor Éclair runs on pocket money and voluntary donations. You may fund fruit refreshment for our éclair branches for as many weeks you wish to. You may also fund the stationery items used in our éclair classes. To send your donations, contact us at

Helping us with the curriculum The curriculum has been designed by the volunteers at our éclair at Ludhiana and Delhi, who are students themselves. We have taught what we would have liked to be taught to us, and what we thought would help the kids in their lives. Our teen volunteers usually found interactive ways of engaging kids in the classroom, downloading interactive educational content on their cellphones and introducing it.

If you have ideas on teaching or are a nursery or primary school teacher, write to us.
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