• The kids are so enthusiastic learners…omg, they told me today – ‘Teach us on Sundays too’ - Gurleen Kaur, Éclair Ludhiana

  • One day, I told them the story about the old man and wooden sticks – told them the moral that “unity is strength, hum sub ko mil kar rehna chahiye”…They were so flushed up with vigor that they all hugged each other and shouted “Mil kar rehna chahiya”

  • I just realized they were not ‘street’ but ‘sweet’ kids! – Jalnidh Kaur

  • I actually became emotional clicking pics – these little angels don’t have clothes on their skin, material comforts as we enjoy yet they are happy and jovial. – Charandeep Singh, amateur photographer who captured Éclair Ludhiana

  • The experience of teaching underprivileged kids is truly soulful and so amazingly wonderful! – Preet Anjan Singh, Éclair Ludhiana
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