EcoSikh and Sukrit Launch EcoFest at Guru Nanak’s Gurpurb

November 29, 2012

EcoSikh and Sukrit Launch EcoFest at Guru Nanak’s Gurpurb

Ecosikh (USA) and Sukrit Trust (India) have launched a creativity contest for young environmental leaders – EcoFest – on Guru Nanak Dev ji’s Gurpurb. The theme is – pvxu gurU pwxI ipqw mwqw Driq mhqu ](Air is the Guru; Water is the father and Earth is the great mother of all.) Dr. Mandeep Kaur, National Co-ordinator, EcoFest stated that all those who recite ‘Jap ji Sahib’ – the morning Sikh prayer, must dedicate themselves to save the environment. It too is our religious duty as we daily pledge air as guru, water as father and earth as great mother of all. The EcoFest carries five categories namely Essay or Short Story writing, composing a poem, crafting a slogan, clicking creative environment pictures and shooting a movie or designing a power point show. The participants are grouped in three levels – Level 1 – 9th & 10th Class; Level 2 – +1 & +2 class; and Level 3 –undergraduate postgraduate.


students. There is no entry fee and a student can participate in all categories. Certificates of Environment Leadership and eco-friendly prizes will be given to the winners apart from cash prizes in dollars by EcoSikh. The suggested topics include: Saving the rivers of Punjab, Composting from my kitchen, A world without flowers, How my friends and I cleaned up our street, Rubbish. Who wants it and how can we use it?, Nearer to Nature, Nearer to God: a story about Guru Har Rai Ji, Making my Gurdwara greener, The significance of water/pani in Gurbani and Sikhism, How to make Nagar Kirtans / Diwali / Festivals Green, A short drama or short story about people who began to address the environmental crisis by changing their everyday lives, Finding the wonders of nature around me.

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