Sukrit Sewa Report -2 days -1 lakh farmers – over 150 volunt

Sukrit Sewa Report

September 26, 2012

Sukrit Sewa Report:


2 days — 1 lakh farmers — over 150 volunteers — 9 NGOs Books, posters, cds, career charts, minority forms, worth 2 lakhs distributed  10 Flash Mobs to promote reading habits among farmers


Shabad Langer — book ‘Jivan Badal Gae’ The golden jubilee Kisan Mela at Punjab Agricultural University witnessed this unique gala event of volunteering by its students and city youth.


Sukrit Sewa Report
Sukrit Sewa Report



They organised as many as eight different activities for community and social service. These included Shabad Langer, Blood group testing, flash mobs to promote reading,  eco-friendly and cleanliness drive, healthy literature sale, street plays against drug abuse, teaching street kids and spreading awareness about minority scholarships.




As per the Gurbani sermon – langer challe gur shabad – the students gifted a book – Jivan Badal Gae’ published by Bookpalz and Sukrit Trust to the visiting farmers free of cost. Penned by eminent mathematician, Dr Mohan Singh

Sukrit Sewa Report
Sukrit Sewa Report

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