BASANT KI VAR – Kanth kareeae

January 3, 2015

BASANT KI VAR – Kanth kareeae, Vichareeae — Free Pocket folder (Download)

Basant ki Var is sung by every raagi in Sri Harmander Sahib, Amritsar from Maghi to Hola Mohalla. It exhorts us to live every moment of our life in Chardikla – never be in low spirits, always bubbling with joy and enthusiasm with blessing of HIS NAAM.

Let us try to kanth (recite from heart) this short bani of just 3 shabads.

Sukrit Trust has published a pocket folder of Basant ki Var with meanings in brief. Let all of us keep copies of this folder in our pockets and gift to all we meet during this spring season.

Experience the joy of presenting this small but great and precious GIFT to someone you care.

download from,

for printed copy (free of cost) send postal address (India only) at or

sms at 09781339898 or

collect personally from Sukrit Trust, 3454, Phase 2, Dugri, Ludhiana 141013.

For bulk distributions in your school/college/ Gurudwara Sahib, contribute just Rs 2 per copy.

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