Student volunteerism at its peak at PAU

September 14, 2013

Student volunteerism at its peak at PAU

While on one hand PAU Kisan Mela attracts farmers for new seeds, agricultural literature and other farm related knowledge, here is another dimension of Mela which the visiting farmers crave and enquire. More so this cultural intervention was provided by university students through voluntary inputs.


The students distributed posters on drugs published by Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle in large numbers. Farmers were seen taking keen interest. Another NGO, Sukrit Trust provided attractive posters on positive thoughts. Titled in Punjabi – ‘Soch Badlo Sansar Badal  Jayega’ ( Change Attitude and your Life will be Changed )  placards attracted massive queries. A number of farmers were seen carrying these posters in light green eco-friendly carry bags with message to read Gurbani with a searching and seeking bent of mind.

Amanpreet Kaur, B.Sc  ( 1 ) student of Guru Nanak Girls College, said, “This was my first visit to the mela and that too as a volunteer for spreading Human Values. The blessings and appreciation that farmers showered on us will remain my lifetime happening.”


It is noteworthy that students also checked blood group of farmers free of cost. They also exhorted them to donate blood to needy in the hours of crisis. For the first time, this year, even the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandak Committee also brought their exhibition van and distributed free literature to the farmers.

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