Sukrit Calendar 2016 – Novel idea 

Sukrit Calendar
Sukrit Trust has published this calendar with the aim to recognize the services rendered by these great Gursikhs.

Till date we have been appreciating and applauding the services of Shaheeds (Martyrs) in our community and have ended up producing more and more shaheeds who are willing to give up their lives for a cause.

Now is the time to recognize and applaud the contributions made by our Scholars who read a lot, traveled a lot, authored a lot and promoted the image of Sikhs in diverse fields ranging from medicine, economics, entrepreneurship, theology, music while maintaining highest standards of spirituality in their lives.

Please stimulate this idea in your circle. May order calendars for your personal use or retail distribution. For orders of more than 1000 calendars, your name can also be printed at a cost of Rs 15 per calendar please.

Sukrit Calendar
Sukrit Calendar

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